Major changes coming to LakeShore East

If you missed Alderman Reilly’s meeting on June 10th, we took detailed notes for you! Here are the top takeaways for the new proposed development.

Site O – 195 N. Columbus Dr.

  • 550 ft tall, 60 floors
  • 569 hotel rooms
  • 643 units
  • 191 parking spaces
  • 14,500 ft of retail space
  • Pedway connection to BCBS, Aqua & the Village Market
  • Residential units are rental apartments and will have direct access to LSE park
  • Hotels are side by side, Hotel A is park side and Hotel B is on the Columbus Dr. side
  • Hotel A offers traditional hotel rooms, 4 1/2 stars
  • Hotel B will have micro hotel rooms with food and beverage service
  • Construction begins first quarter of 2018
  • Occupancy will begin two years after construction begins
  • Retail space on the park side
  • Elevator will be like the Shoreham’s and service pedestrians and access to the parking garage
  • Hotel Valet will be at LL1 to lessen traffic on upper Columbus Dr.
  • The parking garage entrance is the same as Aqua, the garages will connect

Sites K/L J & I

  • Developed by Lendlease, in partnership with Magellan Development
  • 197-301 N/ Harbor Drive and 452-500 E. Waterside Drive
  • Sites K/L & J will begin construction in a year, if approved, 2 years until completion
  • Site K/L has 525 rental apartments, 40 floors, 430 ft. tall
  • Site J has 400 condominiums, 50 floors, 550 ft. tall
  • Site I has 475 condominiums, 80 floors, 875 ft. tall and possibly 300 hotel rooms
  • Will add a little over 3 acres of park space
  • Includes a permanent dog park partially covered by Lake Shore Drive
  • All the parking garages will connect and have one upper access point from site K/L
  • All the loading docks will be at the sub level
  • Site I will have a public elevator that will connect all the levels
  • Principal of bKL Architecture Thomas Kerwin said the goal is “to create something as special or more special than LakeShore East Park.”  He also called Site I “Iconic.”

Traffic Patterns

  • Will widen sidewalk on Columbus Dr. in front of Site O by 3 to 4 feet
  • Will extend median in the center of Columbus Dr. to provide a breaking point for pedestrian crosswalks
  • Improve intersection at South Water and Mid Columbus Dr.
  • Will add north-bound traffic arrow at Upper Columbus and South Water
  • Alderman Reilly stated he is working with the Mayor on a long-term plan to relocate the City of Chicago Auto Pound from Lower Wacker
  • Below is a map showing the vehicular connections on the upper level

traffic pattern

Views Views Views

Below is a photo comparing the existing plan to the previously proposed plan.  The shading represents the views that will be permanent for the Chandler, Regatta & Lancaster.

ViewsI hope this information is helpful.  If you have any questions, please contact me at or (312) 927-0852.

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